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Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon and 3:00 to 6:00 P.M.
Saturday, 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon

Experience has shown these to be the hours of peak demand. We are closed on Sundays and holidays. Staff continues to attend to our guests’ needs during these periods, but we ask that you please respect our need for family time, too.

We maintain an open-door policy and invite you to come in for a guided tour anytime during our normal hours of operation.

After-Hours Check-In/Check-Out
We understand that emergencies do happen! We try to accommodate our customers whenever possible. After-hours openings are subject to availability and a $50.00 charge, in addition to routine boarding charges.

Pet Transportation
Occasionally we have a client that needs pet transport for pick up or drop off, vet services, etc. Since we are a family-oriented business, we try to cater to these needs. Prior arrangements are recommended and a minimum $20.00 trip charge each way is required. Please call for details.

Payment Methods
Payment for all services is due at time of pickup. Please note: Sorry, but at this time, we only accept cash or personal checks; we do not process credit/debit card payments. We have repeatedly asked ourselves if accepting plastic is likely to be the deciding factor in having your pet stay with us, but we feel that the answer is no; it’s the care we give that counts.

Multi-Pet Discounts
Just like us, many of our clients have multiple pets. While two is commonplace, we understand that folks with three, four or more pets face substantially higher costs. We are proud to offer a significant multi-pet discount to help you out. Ask an associate for more detailed information.

Long-term Boarding — Discounts and Terms
While most vacations — and boarding stays — last up to a week or two, we know there are situations that call for longer-term stays. Any stay of thirty days or longer qualifies for our long-term discount. At any given time, we have guests here who may be residing with us for as much as six or eight weeks, due to their family moving, selling a home, taking an extended business trip, having medical needs cared for, etc. We negotiate a great monthly rate, all inclusive. You pay for the first month at the beginning of your stay, and then monthly thereafter. Any unused time is prorated and refunded or applied to your account. It’s that simple!

Pest Control
Florida is a tough state for flea and tick control. Our moist, hot tropical climate provides the ideal breeding ground for these pests and others. The only way to win the battle is be rigorous in the fight, with no slacking off! “That’s the attitude! We hate itchy fleas!”

Naturally, as a pet owner, you want to keep your pet free of pesky pests and so do we. We maintain a sterile environment and treat our kennel regularly with the most effective professional pest products available. But unfortunately we occasionally have guests whose owners are unaware or fail to tell us that they are experiencing a pest problem. Therefore, to protect our entire guest population, we routinely examine all of the animals in our care and treat any pest problems that are discovered at the owner’s expense.

For the safety of all our guests, current vaccinations are required.

For dogs: Proof of rabies vaccination, the combination canine distemper/parvo (DHLPP) shot and Bordetella (canine cough or kennel cough) vaccination. The Bordetella shot may not be given routinely by your vet, so do not assume your dog has been vaccinated. Please check your records or call your vet office. While it is preferable for vaccinations to be given two weeks before your pet’s stay, we will accept vaccinations given up to the day of check-in.

For cats: Proof of rabies vaccination, and the combination distemper and leukemia shot for all cats who venture outside.

Removal of Collars
You may be surprised when our staff hands back your pet’s leash and collar at the beginning of his stay, but we have our reasons. One is that we eliminate the chance that we’ll misplace it! But the most important reason that we remove everything from your pet’s neck is for safety — to prevent him from getting hung up on a water bucket, fence, etc. We use our own slip leads when necessary. And don’t worry that we’ll forget who your pet is! His name and information is listed in multiple locations: on his run, the walk board, feeding menu, etc.

Feeding Times
We are the most accommodating facility we know of! No request surprises us. We’ve seen it all. Most pets’ feedings occur in the morning or evening, or both. And whatever you supply us, we’ll prepare. Period. (Unless we feel that it presents a potential hazard…) There is no extra charge for special feeding.

We are a family oriented pet facility, not a snobby New York boutique. Hey, we all have to take medicine from time to time! If your pet needs his pills, lotion or sprays, ear or eye drops, or even injections, we’re happy to oblige and we’ve done it all before. It’s part of our all inclusive care, and the best part is there’s no extra charge.

Aggressive Behavior
We have never refused a pet based on aggressive behavior. Period. There is no dog we cannot handle. In fact, we are a clearinghouse for pets that are deemed ‘dangerous,’ and no other local public facility that we know of can claim this. Our indoor/outdoor run accommodations with separate wings, commercial grade hardware and isolation areas, if need be, make us the ideal “we handle it all” facility.

Personal Items
We encourage you to bring in your pet’s favorite belonging, be it a bone, pull toy, squeaker, bed, etc. We just ask is that each item is familiar, manageable and washable. However, we can’t guarantee that it won’t get ripped into smithereens, so we don’t take responsibility for returning it…whole or in parts.

Treats are fine, as long as they are foods your pet commonly receives. Remember that this is an exciting time for your pet, and not the best time to introduce a new food to his sensitive stomach, just because you feel guilty. Besides, please don’t feel guilty, there’s no need! Your pet will have even more fun time and human companionship here at Cocoa Kennels than at home.

Non-mingling Policy
We are aware that socialized play groups, where dogs play freely together, are a recent trend, but we’re more concerned with your pet’s safety and your peace of mind than with trends. Even in a closed, supervised environment, even when owners are present, accidents do happen in socialized play because dogs are pack animals. It’s natural and unavoidable for some dogs to seek to display dominance and try to control the pack, and this can result in arguments and dogfights. Why put your dog at risk and rob yourself of the peace of mind that makes for a relaxing vacation? Our kennel offers the best of both worlds. Each dog has his own private indoor/outdoor suite, so he feels secure. But he is able to see his neighbors, bark, sniff and run the fence line for a social experience. We believe this is truly the best scenario. If you do see multiple pets sharing accommodations or play yards within our facilities, it’s by request of the owners and the pets are generally family members or already best friends.

We offer six play yards with a total of more than 6,000 square feet of enclosed space. All our fences are professionally installed, firmly anchored into the ground and feature tension wire along the top for added security. Most of our play sessions last 15 minutes, and can accommodate whatever level of activity you request, from a simple play/potty walk to a full-blown romp.

Emergency Procedures
Although it is rare for one of our guests to require medical attention, just as with humans, sometimes the need arises. We have established the following medical protocols:

Minor first aid: Scraped noses, bleeding nails and other minor incidents. We will administer necessary general first aid at no extra cost.

Vet care: If a situation calls for veterinary care, we will first try to notify you, the owner. Then, if it is during routine business hours, we will contact your regular vet and transport your pet, if necessary.

Emergency and after hours: We are fortunate to have two outstanding 24-hour full-service emergency and critical care vet facilities in Brevard County. Of course, the cost of critical care is never cheap. We will make every effort to contact you first. However, unless we reach you, or you have requested in advance that emergency care not be sought for your pet, if this level of care is deemed necessary, we will transport your pet at your expense to one of these facilities.

Medical Directives
Owners of senior pets, those with health issues, or any pet for that matter, have the option of requesting that a medical directive be put on file. This set of instructions may include a list of contacts or caregivers, limits of care, or even burial directives. Please feel free to discuss this with our staff.

Hurricanes/Major Storms
In 41 years of operation in Florida, we have never yet closed or evacuated our facility. However, we are prepared for all circumstances and have formulated this hurricane policy:

If you are leaving the area due to storm warnings and want to leave your pet with us, try to do so as early as possible, even without reservations.

Please understand that our phone will be ringing off the hook. We cannot make the preparations that are needed and answer all of the incoming calls. It’s impossible.

We’ve made it a policy not to accept reservations under these circumstances, because experience has taught us that even well-meaning clients can forget to call and cancel in the stress of making plans and leaving. Space is therefore first come, first serve.

When we reach 75% capacity, we will close. There will be no exceptions. We will generally remain closed until the second day after the storm has passed.

Remember that our first obligation is to our guests, your beloved pets, and we will be dealing with whatever needs to be dealt with in the aftermath of the storm. Returning to the area, you will be missing your pet, but allow yourself a day to get back to your home and address any issues there. When the situation is under control and the chaos is over, call us. We will have a message outlining opening
times, etc.

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