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The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive, after our nice big parking lot, is the lush, mature tropical landscaping. We’ve taken the opportunity afforded by being located on nearly two acres to create the kind of wonderful setting you might expect at a botanical garden or upscale resort. Nothing’s too good for your pet, is it? Besides the beautiful plantings, those two acres embrace over 6,000 square feet of outdoor fenced-in play yards and exercise areas, including our mammoth 50-foot by 75-foot playground. “Hey Mom, what’s that over there? Let’s go…let’s go….let’s go seeeee!!!!!!”

Our outdoor “Greeting Area” near the office provides a special setting for a quiet “goodbye” or “hello” between you and your best friend. “Don’t worry about me…but who’s going to take care of you when I’m not around? Maybe you should stay here too…”

Then you move inside and…what do you notice? Maybe nothing at first, until you remember this is a kennel, not a five-star hotel! Who would know? With the friendly, professional staff; lovely, spacious surroundings…and great smell!

Lodging and Pampering

  • 5200 square feet of modern commercial pet boarding space
  • Separate wings for large, small and older dogs
  • A private sanctuary for our feline friends — the Cattery (see below)
  • Indoor/outdoor dog runs — the best boarding arrangement
  • Full service grooming salon

Clean, Comfortable, Healthy Accommodations

  • State-of-the-art purification system, similar to hospital operating rooms — Hepa-Air Filtration plus an Ultraviolet Sterilent System eliminates 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses
  • Stringent daily cleaning and disinfectant regimen
  • Central vacuum system
  • Fully climate controlled with multiple A/C zones
  • Ceiling fans throughout

Nothing but the Best

  • Family-managed; owners live on property
  • Administration of your pet’s special shots/medication, provided by you — no problem, no extra charge
  • Healthy meals (on-site kitchen and prep) — no extra charge
  • 24-hour piped-in easy listening music! “Don’t you just love that Yanni?”
  • Plenty of playtime and exercise sessions

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Runs
Indoor/outdoor dog runs are the preferred boarding arrangement for dogs and one of the most important benefits we can provide your pet. Because of the heat generated by outside access, most Florida facilities rely on indoor units — pens or crates — from which dogs must be walked to outdoor yards to relieve themselves. Unfortunately this puts your dog at the mercy of the kennel’s walking schedule and, even if frequent walks are scheduled while a facility is open, remember most are closed from dinnertime to the next morning.

At Cocoa Kennels, every dog has a suite — an air-conditioned indoor bedroom connected to a fully accessible outdoor private run. They can come and go on their own, to play, socialize, exercise or relieve themselves. If you asked your dog, which arrangement do you think he’d choose? “Don’t be ridiculous, Dad! Show me the sweet suite!”

The Cattery
Located directly behind the lobby, “far away from those big, old nasty ugly dogs,” is a private sanctuary, where we’ve provided a soothingly calm and inviting environment especially for our feline friends.

Panoramic, full-wall murals depict underwater fish and island beach scenes that set the tone for a relaxing stay. For the curious, a large aquarium is front and center, stocked with vivid tropical fish, and overhead chimes beg for attention.

For the adventurous, a large multi-level cat tree and wonderful window perch give access to views of the outdoor bird feeder and the tropical vista beyond. And our staff offers individual playtime to feline guests looking for fun.

Each guest also has his own private enclosure and furry lounging pad. Meals can be provided by owners for their picky eaters, or our house menu, included in the reasonable daily boarding fee, features a choice of Purina One dry food and/or Friskies canned tuna and whitefish.
“Fish for dinner? I’m there!”

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