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Bill Cannon“Your pet is always the first thing on their agenda …they put their heart and soul into taking care of the animals.”

-- Bill Cannon

“I would never take Cheyenne anywhere else. They’re wonderful people.”

-- Bill Stevenson

“Our dog is our family and we don’t trust him to just anybody but they are real dog people. They treat our dog the way we treat our dog, and we never have to worry about him.”

-- Jules Stevenson

“I’ve used Cocoa Kennels for at least 10 years, for three generations of dogs, including Missy. I really feel comfortable leaving my pets there. They take good care of them.”

-- Tony Browning

“I use Cocoa Kennels because Max likes to go there! They’re nice to him…and very congenial to me too!”

-- Kay Ford

“The roomy environment as far as where they house the dogs is a great selling point to me. Combined with the detailed personal attention — Paul and Debbie are incredibly kind people — it makes a perfect match with Max. He’s super happy there.”

-- Sam Edwards

“Having boarded my two dogs and my cat there many times, I’ve had no problems. The animals like staying there and I feel like they’re in good hands. [Paul and Debbie] are always easy to deal with.”

-- Randy Moore