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Let’s say you arrive at the kennel to drop off your pet…your best friend…a member of your family…and an odd reaction occurs — the ears go up, the eyes brighten, the tail thumps out a beat like a school marching band! Are you okay with that?

What about when he flings himself out of the car…or beats you in a race to the door, smiling with every inch of his body? Are you sure you’re okay with that?

Don’t worry, you will be missed, but when your pet can’t be with you, he knows this is the next best place, with a tropical resort setting (wow, you’d feel pretty pampered here yourself, wouldn’t you?) and lots of friends who are just as delighted to see your special pet as he is to see them! Welcome to Cocoa Kennels! We put love into every detail, and pets know…

Pets know they’d rather be here than at the home of a friend or relative — “I feel really anxious there and they get upset when I chew the furniture, have accidents, fight with their pets or even run away!” — or at home waiting for a pet sitter. “First you leave me all alone, then some stranger shows up suddenly to invade my territory!” — or even at the vet’s — “I'm not sick, I don't want to spend my vacation at the hospital.”

Pets know the best place to be is at a great family-run facility —

  • In a perfect drop-off location for pet owners headed north, south, east or west

  • Where every single staff member feels a personal commitment to giving them the same level of care they get at home,

  • Where separate wings make big dogs, small dogs, older animals and cats feel safe and comfortable, andWhere every dog room is a two-room suite with an inside bedroom for sleeping, eating and relaxing plus full-time access to a private outdoor run for exercising, visiting with the neighbors and relieving those personal pressures that otherwise get so uncomfortable if your pet’s schedule and the kennel’s schedule aren’t in sync!

Pets know.
“Come on Mom, Dad! Just drop me off at Cocoa Kennels and we’ll all have a really great time!”

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